Curriculum Vitae (english)


University of Copenhagen
Research assistant · july 2009 to now

Projects I’ve participated in or employed at on University of Copenhagen:

Digital atlas of the Danish historical-administrative geography
july 2009 to now
Digital atlas of the Danish historical-administrative geography
Employee in the GEO-domain (mapping) and the UNIT-domain (database). Supervising of studentworkers. Participation in DigDags central workgroup.
Copenhagens Cadastras
november 2010 to january 2011
GIS-digitizing og the Copenhagen Cadastras for the years 1689, 1757, 1806 og 1860.

North Jutland Historical Museum
Cand. mag. · march 2008 to july 2009

Projects I’ve been involved in at North Jutland Historical Museum:

Digitizing archaological excavations
march 2009 to july 2009
Digittization of excavationsplans and more from excavations in Lindholm Høje, Sejlflod, Sebbersund, Nr. Hedegård, Bejsebakken etc.
Burial mounds in historic maps – “Den digitale herredsberejsning”
november 2008 to february 2009
Researchproject focusing on burial mounds on historic maps and in the landscapet. Article (danish)
Prehistory in the Limfjord region
july 2008 to september 2008
Building of a new permanent exhibition on the Lindholm Høje Museum. Article (danish)


June 2007: Cand.mag. (Master) with Major Studies in History from Aalborg University. Master thesis in social movement and extraparliamentary political aktivity.
January 2006 Minor Studies in Social Science (Aalborg University). ­ Including cources in projectdesign, quantitative and qualitative methods of analysis, political science, sociology, welfarestate, organisation and public management, international relations, and economics.
June 2004 Bachelor of Arts in History (Aalborg University). ­ Including cources in theory of history, methodology of history, communication, litterature- and informationretrieval, documentation. Furthermore cources in long lines og danish, european and non-european history, and four in-depth cources in specifik historic periods or themes.
June 2001 Social Sciences Basic Education (Aalborg University). ­ Including cources in politology, economics, law, sociology, and methodology in social sciences.
Juni 1999 General Certificate of Secondary Education from Aalborghus Gymnasium (High School).


Operatingsystems: Microsoft Windows, Linux (Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora).
Office-produkts: Microsoft Office,, LibreOffice.
GIS: ArcGIS, MapInfo, QuantumGIS.
Statistics: SPSS, PSPP.

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